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Development and distribution of medical viscoelastics

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ALBOMED – quality made in Germany – MDR-certified

ALBOMED GmbH is a prominent German manufacturer of medical devices.

ALBOMED GmbH has extensive expertise and more than twentyfive years of experience in the development, manufacturing and distribution of viscoelastic substances for medical use.

Our services

We specialise in developing visco products.

We develop your viscoelastics from the initial idea, to production and to the certified product. We offer professional support for new developments or even just for implementing individual development steps. We support our partners in developing, manufacturing, advancing and marketing viscoelastics as well as in resolving any associated issues.

In doing so we have worked successfully for many years with various collaboration partners, renowned institutes, clinics and universities. As an Own Brand Label (OBL) manufacturer, we have enjoyed extremely fruitful collaborations with a wide variety of international partners for many years.

The ALBOMED story

Our success story began back in 1995.




The start of Pe-Ha-Intraocular with the distribution of BSS and viscoelastic substances based on hydroxypropyl methylcellulose




Implementation of a QM system (CE certification)

Market launch



Market launch of viscoelastic substances based on natural hyaluronic acid




Expansion with the founding of ALBOMED GmbH

Market launch



Market launch of viscoelastic substances based on hyaluronic acid (in-house development)

Logistics center



Opening of our manufacturing and logistics centre in Kamen (Germany)




Development of a pupillometer to measure pupil dynamics in collaboration with the University of Tübingen (Germany)

KD-Gel for



Market launch of the hyaluronic acid gel KD-Gel for the orthopaedics sector




Market launch of the pupillometer PupilX to measure pupil dynamics

Market launch



Market launch of Pe-Ha-Glide, a wetting agent based on hydroxypropyl methylcellulose for intraocular lens implantation




Launch of Pe-Ha-Blue, a viscoelastic agent with trypan blue to improve contrast in ophthalmology


Ultra One


Expansion of the product portfolio in the orthopaedics sector to include KD-Gel Ultra One




Portfolio completion Orthopaedics and Ophthalmology

Logistics center



New building high-tech logistics center in Unna (Germany)





Market Launch



Market launch of the first Visco-booster for Osteoarthritis patients

Our quality management

We guarantee the highest standards.

For more than 25 years we have developed, produced and distributed medical devices of various risk classes in accordance with the European directive and legislation. When working with our suppliers and collaboration partners, we insist upon the same extremely high quality requirements that we place on our products. In addition to legally required monitoring measures we also conduct unannounced inspections and regular audits. We don’t merely rely on certificates but also require compliance with additional standards such as pharmacopoeia and GMP. Our detailed and customer-focused QM system at ALBOMED GmbH was first certified in 1997 and has been continuously adapted to increasing requirements, particularly those in relation to CE certification. Our quality management system is subject to regular internal and external audits.

The continuous further development of our processes, adaptation to market changes, the quickest possible implementation of growing statutory requirements and not least the personal dedication of all our employees ensure that we offer products of a consistently excellent quality at the highest level.

ALBOMED GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485.

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Our mission

We are Viscoelastics!

With more than 25 years experience, ALBOMED GmbH is one of the leading and most innovative companies in medical technology Made in Germany.

The ALBOMED core competence is the development and production of a full range portfolio of viscoelastics for ophthalmology and orthopedics.

ALBOMED offers an environment that encourages creativity and flexibility. It is our strength to fulfill the individual requirements of our customers.

By clustering our experience and knowledge, we have managed to build up our presence on a global scale and today we export our high quality products all around the world. Our OBL customers worldwide appreciate this superior quality surpassing the standards of the medical device industry.


ALBOMED as an employer - what is waiting for you?

ALBOMED GmbH is an innovative German company in medical device technology. Since 1995 we develop and produce products for orthopedics and ophthalmology. Our focus is on the development and production of viscoelastic substances. These are used in ophthalmology for cataract or glaucoma surgeries and in orthopedics for joint arthrosis.

We export our high-quality products with our partners to over 45 countries worldwide.

We are a medium-sized company with two locations in Germany. In Schwarzenbruck near Nuremberg is our headquarter and in Unna is our newly built logistics and production site.

We are particularly proud of our diversity. In our team of permanent and freelance employees we count 8 different nations. The employees are spread over Germany, but also various other European countries.

The benefits for applicants:

  • We are proud of our open and collegial corporate culture, in which commitment and personal initiative are lived and encouraged.
  • With us, you can expect a motivating work environment, a collegial team and flat hierarchies with short decision-making processes.
  • Long-term cooperation with a wide range of development opportunities.
  • Company pension plan as well as supplementary health insurance
  • An attractive salary in line with the market.
  • Regular opportunities for further training
  • Independent, autonomous work
  • The option of mobile working/home office is a matter of course with us.
  • A professional onboarding program.
  • Team events and company celebrations

What our employes say about ALBOMED:

Image of Johanna Fischer

I have been working at ALBOMED as a Product Manager in Ophthalmology since October 2020. At ALBOMED, I particularly like the family atmosphere between colleagues and superiors, as well as the opportunity to build up extensive knowledge and actively participate in shaping the company's activities.

— Johanna Fischer

Image of Rosie Grünberger-Aicher

Since 2014 I have been working at ALBOMED as a Management and Marketing Assistant. What I particularly like is the broad range of tasks and that I can really make a difference here. I can tell right away what an impact my work has. In addition, decisions are made quickly and confidently here, and I have the feeling that my opinion counts.

— Rosie Grünberger-Aicher

Image of Simon Eberhard

My time already started with the professional training and the first steps of ALBOMED, from a distributor to a manufacturer of medical products. So I was able to experience and shape the development in all its details. You can say that no year was like the other and it went steadily uphill. From the one-man band to today's orchestra, everyone is absorbed in their role and contributes to the success of all. The opportunities for personal and professional development are encouraged in all facets and as an employee of the "first hour", I am pleased to be able to continue to write the success story "ALBOMED".

— Simon Eberhard

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Social commitment

Social commitment is important to us – Ärzte der Welt

Since 2018 ALBOMED has supported Ärzte der Welt (Doctors of the world) with a project in the Afar region in Ethiopia. Ärzte der Welt helped to ensure a sustainable access to basic medical care and provided information about the grave consequences of female circumcision. Here you will find more information about Ärzte der Welt: Since this project came to an end, we decided in 2021 to give support to another organization.

2021 – EinDollarBrille

Our support went to EinDollarBrille e.V. (OneDollarGlasses) with projects all around the world! Many millions of people around the globe need glasses but cannot afford them. The consequences are far-reaching: children cannot learn, adults cannot work and provide for their families. OneDollarGlasses raises awareness worldwide, creates jobs by training skilled workers and thus provides a basis for basic optical care. In this way, affected people get access to free eye tests and individually fitted, low-cost glasses. If you would like to follow our example, you can find more information under

2022 – Neven Subotic Stiftung (Foundation)

In 2022 we have donated to the NEVEN SUBOTIC STIFTUNG (Foundation). They build wells and sanitary facilities for the people in project regions in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. 2 billion people, or nearly one in three people in the world, do not have access to a safe drinking water supply. 1.7 billion people do not have access to basic sanitation. So we see that we are facing one of the greatest global health challenges of our day. Diarrheal diseases caused by contaminated drinking water, lack of sanitation and poor hygiene are among the leading causes of death among children under five worldwide. With the 100% WASH project, the foundation enables the necessary conditions for health, education and a self-determined future through the construction of drinking water wells and sanitation facilities. The foundation aligns their work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (see Goal 1: No Poverty, Goal 4: Quality Education, Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation). With our donation, we enable 40 people to have immediate access to clean water, thus providing the basis for health and a self-determined life in dignity. More information under

2022 – Aktion Deutschland Hilft

We have been supporting the Aktion Deutschland Hilft organization with a quarterly donation since 2022. The donations help to quickly distribute urgently needed relief supplies such as medicines, blankets and food in the event of disasters. Relief efforts include for example the Ukraine crisis and the flood disaster.