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‘Enjoy moving!’ The synovial fluid in the human body contains natural hyaluronic acid that cushions, lubricates and protects joint tissue. Various factors cause these functions to be impaired, which can then lead to joint pain. KD intra-articular gel is a high-quality viscoelastic solution based on bio-fermented sodium hyaluronate for intra-articular use and is used to improve the function of the synovial fluid in joints. A broad portfolio of fill volumes and hyaluronic acid concentrations characterises our high-quality product range, meaning that we always have the right product for the most diverse applications.

KD intra-articular gel

The KD intra-articular gel range is a series of high-quality viscoelastic solutions based on bio-fermented sodium hyaluronate to provide intra-articular supplementation of the synovial fluid in various human joints. The role of synovial fluid is to lubricate and moisten joints as well as to protect bones and joint tissue. Viscoelastic solutions are proven to support this function. Depending on the application, concentrations between 1.0% and 2.5% and injection fill quantities of 1.0 ml to 4.8 ml mean that KD intra-articular gel can offer the right product for customised treatment.

  • Impressive pain relief and improvement in joint function
  • For all synovial joints
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Delays the cartilage degeneration process
  • High active-ingredient content
  • High molecular weight
  • Optimum viscoelastic properties
  • Simple handling
1.0 %
1.6 %
2.2 %
Ultra One