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Visco booster with dual effect based on hyaluronic acid combined with niacinamide.

Dual effect

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INNORYOS®: The first visco-booster for osteoarthritis patients with dual effect of hyaluronic acid and niacinamide (antioxidative effect, limits inflammation) shows best overall functional behavior for dynamic activities:

  • Counterbalances the deleterious effect of osteoarthritis on synovial fluid
  • Reinforces the gel with unique antioxidant properties
  • Exhibits a high resistance to oxidative degradation
  • Creates van-der-Waals bonds between hyaluronic acid chains for cross-stabilization
  • Offers exceptional lubricating and shock-absorbing properties, resulting in optimal protection of the articular cartilage

Altogether, INNORYOS maximizes the OA treatment outcomes.

Key facts of INNORYOS®:


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